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Information for resellers

Since we are often asked about reselling conditions and dealer prices, we will provide some information on this topic here:

Of course we are very happy about these inquiries and appreciate the interest shown in reselling our products!

Display-Max GmbH produces very high-quality advertising display and presentation systems in Switzerland and Europe. Our products are sold and distributed exclusively via our Europe-wide online direct marketing without dealers, agents and resellers. In this way, we keep our expenses for administration, marketing and distribution very low, in order to be able to offer competitive prices and very high quality at the same time.

We are constantly working to offer our customers the lowest possible selling prices with very high product quality, without any kind of additional hidden conditions. Global calculation margins for possible reseller discounts or dealer conditions are generally not included in our prices!
For this reason, and particularly for individual pieces, a discount cannot be allowed.

We of course offer major customers and partner companies appropriate special conditions for regular orders and/or larger sales volumes, however, these need to be enquired for each individual case. Please refer directly to our shop for volume discounts.

Thank you for your understanding!

Your Display-Max Team