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The Mega Advertising-Display Shop!

Display-Max is an active, europe wide distributor of high-quality advertising displays and exhibition systems.

Folding displays, folding tents, exhibition displays, advertising displays, inflatable tents, rollup displays, beachflags and inflatable advertising elements are only a part of our vast spectrum of mobile presentation systems for the swiss market.

Get inspired by our vast product variety!

Printing and advertising technology

In addition to our large range of advertising displays and advertising flags, we also offer graphics design, data checks and high-quality large-format prints for all of our advertising displays. We guarantee best printing quality.


Quality you can count on!

Custom Made Products

We will produce any conceivable special size or shape for our customers according to specification. Inflatable tents and advertising media are our speciality and we manufacture directly in Germany according to your specifications! Fast and reliable.

Storage & shipping

In our warehouse in Switzerland, we constantly have large quantities of advertising flags, pop-up displays, roll-up displays, beach flags, A-boards, advertising banners and flying banners. This is how we can guarantee rapid delivery of your mobile advertising display, at the best prices!