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Your questions about Display-Max

Are you a manufacturer or just an online retailer?

Display-Max GmbH has been active on the market as a manufacturer and a printing company since 1998. Initially, our focus was on the field of event displays, inflatable tents and special designs. Since 2006, we have been offering our heavily expanded product range of select high-quality advertising displays in our online shop throughout Europe.

We have an advertising engineering department with advanced equipment and its own large-format printing systems and plotting/cutting technology. Our manufacturing department is equipped with high-quality sewing and welding machines and disposes of 4 large production platforms for heavy-fabrics manufacturing (tarp, tent fabrics) and 4 sewing stations for light fabrics.

In our showroom in Stockach on Lake Constance, we permanently exhibit parts of our current production range for you to visit!

Can you implement custom requirements as well?

Yes. As a manufacturer and printing company we are also equipped for implementing special product requirements and individual designs for you. In most cases, however, there will already be a suitable product in our shop which we will also gladly modify for you to fit your requirements.

Do you print yourself?

Yes. We not only manufacture advertising displays, we also print the graphics for them. For special printing techniques, such as screen printing, we fall back on local companies in the Lake Constance area and Switzerland.

Is it possible to have products repaired or serviced by you?

Yes. We service and repair event systems – even from other manufacturers – and we can fit them with new printed graphics.

Which file formats do you accept?

Digital and large format prints: The usual file formats include: EPS, AI, PDF*, TIFF, JPEG and PSD (one layer) up to version CS 4 (Adobe). Please don't forget to convert all fonts into paths / curves.
Film / plott printing: (Window and car labelling) The following formats are suitable for plott files: EPS, AI, PDF*, INDD, CDR Version CS 4 (Adobe), Version X3 (Corel Draw).

* We cannot provide any warranties for prints made from PDF files because PDFs are created with diverse properties, and as a result, the RIP may shift fonts when reading the file, and some elements cannot be interpreted correctly under certain circumstances. But to make sure, you can send us a JPG as a reference.

What is the maximum file size that can be submitted?

You can store up to 2 GB of data on our server. When sending files via e-mail, they should not be larger than 50 MB.

When saving / creating the files, which resolution should be used?

For offset print you use 300 ppi. For large format prints it is between 20 and 150 ppi, depending on the size. It depends a lot on how your file is built up, for instance, whether images were integrated, and if so, how good the source of the particular image was (digital camera or scanned image). Maybe only graphics (vectors) and texts were used.
We recommend the following resolution:

0,25-2,5 m² = 72-150 ppi
2,5-5 m² = 50-96 ppi
5-10 m² = 40-72 ppi
10-20 m² = 30-50 ppi
from 20 m² = 20-40 ppi

Should I create files with a bleed margin?

No, this is not necessary because every graphic is manually cut to size. A bleed margin is merely required for a stack cut (offset print).

Turning fonts into paths or curves
In addition, please convert all fonts into curves / paths, because we might not have the font you used.

Trim marks

Please do not create any trim marks – this is not necessary.

Alpha channels / clipping paths
Please do not use any alpha channels, clipping paths and other masks.