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Graphic, design and pre-press

In order to be able to deliver excellent print results for you, we require design requirements and high-quality graphic files from you. You can either simply do these design and print data preparation tasks yourself using our pre-made sample design templates, or have it created by a graphics agency. However, we also offer this complete service via our own graphics department at very favourable conditions.

Data preparation and pre-press

Print data preparation, technical implementation and corrections are carried out by our pre-stage professionals. Billing is based on 15-minute intervals (20 EUR / 15 minutes).

Professional data check

We will quickly and professionally check your print data with respect to the required resolution, colour and data errors, hidden graphics or lettering and correct colour transitions. With this service, we guarantee a perfect print result (costs: 29/59 EUR depending on the product).

Special designs Draft and design

For special designs, our graphics designer will work in collaboration with you to design your product. We will refine your general drafts, professionally integrate your logos and photos and create high-quality 3D-previews and templates for you. This service is billed in blocks of 20 EUR / 15 minutes. We would be happy to provide you with an attractive package offer! Our overview at a glance:

- Project discussion and layout
- Preparing of 2 design proposals
- Correcting data submitted by you
- Changes, modifications of your preliminary draft according to cost and effort.
- Preparing 3D-previews and proposals

When your project design is complete and ready for print, you will receive the final draft for approval.


Download the design templates and print data templates from our web site: www.display-max.ch.

Programmes for print data processing:
- Adobe Photoshop CS 5.5 Formats: PSD, TIFF, JPG
- Adobe Illustrator CS 5.5 format: AI, EPS, PDF
- Adobe InDesign CS 5.5
- Adobe Acrobat CS 5.5

- Data formats not suitable for production: Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
- Our work with PC systems.
- Required image resolution: Place your print data into our templates at a ratio of 1:1 (at least 150 ppi) or, if the template is too large, at a ratio of 1:2 (at least 300 ppi).
- Please convert all fonts and logos used into paths and curves.
- Fonts must be embedded.
- Always set up your colours in the CMYK mode (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). With special colours (HKS, Pantone), please use the corresponding CMYK values.
- Please also specify binding house colours and special colours (such as HKS, Pantone) as reference values.
- RGB data must be converted (this may result in colour changes).
- Provide us with a print PDF according to the standard X1A.


- Graphical work is billed separately and according to cost and effort (please request a quote).
- With digital print, it is only possible approximate your specifications.
- The colours of your original templates (proof, HKS, RAL, Pantone, etc.) cannot be guaranteed.
- Special colours cannot be reproduced one hundred percent alike due to material-related colour deviations.
- When converting from RGB data to CMYK data, automatic colour shifts may occur.
- Colour deviations and streaking may occur due to printing-related technical reasons.
- Colour complaints without defined colour specifications cannot be considered!
- If possible, always provide us with a binding colour proof.
- On-screen representations are not relevant for for colour assessment. The best way for checking the colours is using a professional proof. Without a colour-binding template, we will print according to the files, this cannot be objected afterwards.
- For 100%-print results, we recommend a proof print on to your selected material (price based on effort).


FTP upload

Use our FTP upload which is the most rapid way of sending us your data. Using it is free of charge for our customer! Log in using your e-mail address and password at www.display-max.ch. You can then also use your access data for the FTP upload. We are automatically notified when your files have been uploaded.

Here you can directly send us your data templates via FTP!

Via e-mail

Simply send us an e-mail with your data and contact information to info@display-max.com (only possible for data up to a maximum size of 8 MB).


If your data volume exceeds 200 MB, we recommend you send us the data on a CD-ROM. Please clearly label the CD-ROM with the company name or job number to make it easier to attribute the data.