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Important information on FTP data upload

We use the following programmes for processing print data:

- Adobe Photoshop CS3 formats: PSD, TIFF, JPG
- Adobe Illustrator CS 5.5 formats: AI, EPS, PDF
- Adobe InDesign CS3
- Adobe Acrobat CS3

The following file formats are not suitable for production: Word, Excel and Powerpoint

1.) Downloading design templates

Download the design templates and print data templates from our web site. You will find the template on the respective product site.

2.) Designing the graphic

Then place your print data into these templates at a ratio of 1:1 or, if the template is too large, at a ratio of 1:2.
When scaling 1:1, the image data requires at least 100 ppi.

When scaling 1:2, the image data requires at least 200 ppi.

3.) Creating files

Please convert all fonts that were used into paths and curves. Our computers are PC-based. Please convert fonts that are used in logos
into paths as well.

Convert all of your special colours/spot colours (e.g. HKS or Pantone) into CMYK colours.
Always be sure to include important colour specifications or a colour-binding proof.

4.) Print PDF

Provide us with a print PDF according to the standard X1A. Data modifications and adjustments are invoiced based on time and effort with 25 CHF / 15 minutes.

Important note: The colours of your original templates (proof, HKS, RAL, Pantone, etc.) cannot be guaranteed. Digital printing
can only approximate your specifications in the actual print result. Colour deviations and streaking may occur due to technical printing-related reasons.

Colour-related complaints cannot be considered by Display-Max GmbH without defined colour specifications! We recommend
a proof print in the size A3. Prices are offered depending on the material.
Graphical work is invoiced separately and based on time and effort.

Here you will be taken directly to our FTP upload!